13,172 companies have adopted Quotefx

"We love the ease of getting quotes to our suppliers and getting them back organized and in a timely manner. As a result, quote turn around time has improved significantly, putting us ahead of our competitors."

  • Christine Degan
  • Commodity Manager

"QuoteFX gave us the ability to get competitive pricing from multiple suppliers with the lead-time and available on-hand stock. We're now able to offer our customers more competitive pricing."

  • Devin
  • Quoting Assistant

"On top of being the most efficient way to send RFQs to our supply base, Quotefx is easy to use and to train new people to use it. The suppliers who I encouraged to sign up also find it easy to interact with. If there are any problems at all everyone knows that the people who answer the phone are all very good to help."

  • Randy Carrara
  • Purchasing and Materials Analyst

"We use Quotefx to streamline our quoting process. It drastically reduces the time it takes to finish material pricing on a quote and lowers the chance for errors. The platform is simple to use and allows us to reach out to and manage our distributors."

  • Matt Levine
  • Quote Specialist

"The QuoteFX Help team is like having extra people adept at finding glitches in our BOM formatting, and are very familiar with the distribution chain, and pricing methodologies.

QuoteFX has allowed us to direct inquiries for parts (OTS and custom) to ONLY franchised suppliers, using the most up-to-date line cards, ensuring the best responses, reducing quote cycle times. The encryption of transferred data allows us to securely solicit pricing from custom manufacturers. Suppliers responses keep their integrity since we do not have their access details. The use of an Activity Log shows any changes made within the quote, and the user who changed them."

  • Norma Biggins
  • Quote Project Manager

"We needed to have a tool that would consolidate all common items across several different assemblies for possible volume pricing. Quotefx has helped streamline and become more efficient on time management applied to processing large quotes."

  • Chris Lucero
  • Quote Program Manager

"We have used Quotefx since 2008. Upon implementation of Quotefx the processes was immediately streamlined and provided easy and accurate information for evaluation and award. Our suppliers have benefited from our use of the tool as well.

The training we received on the software was very easy to understand. When we have had questions the response has always been quick and concise. It is also nice to have a person who answers the phone immediately ands is able to help.

We highly recommend the use of the platform and thank our partners at Quotefx for their support and assistance over the years."

  • John Hains
  • Purchasing Manager

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